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Giu Giu Boutique carrying Ellington Handbags, Anuschka Handbags,Gold Roses, Cristina Sabatini, Gold & Diamonds and Semi-precious collection

Posted by Daniela Cheeseman on

Deciding on who to carry in store is not always an easy task. When you choose a brand you have to consider the quality, the craftsmanship and if it reflects your store in the way you want it to. I'm so proud to carry so many wonderful brands. I think that the choice in the brand is a choice of who your customer is and what they would like.I would like to think my customer is elegant, savvy and loves a good value and good product. Those ethics are what our country are founded on. 

I think that I try to promote good quality lines at an affordable price so that the price points never bankrupt a person. After all you need a nice handbag you can get an Anuschka or Ellington because both are good quality leather. Each is unique and has a look and feel all its own. Cristina Sabatini has some of the most beautiful creations I have ever seen. The jewelry and line is simply stunning. You feel like a million dollars just by wearing her line. The Gold Roses are a great gift for anniversary or for decorating your house. The gold and diamonds are signature gifts that you give to feel like a million bucks without spending that type of money.

Last but not least the semi precious is all hand made in USA. All original designs and beauty. There is no better reflection then something made in US by hand with stunning stones. Its a classic line of beauty that shows what gorgeous jewelry can be. It reflects creativity as a person and my love for jewelry. It also shows my direct love for creativity and being a creative being. 

I am so proud of my company and what it reflects and the years of hard work I put into it. I"m so happy others can share in this as well.

Thank you for your patronage and looking at my store.


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