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Giu Giu Boutique Launches Signature Silver Semi-Precious Collection on Zulily!!!

Posted by Daniela Cheeseman on

Today on July 31,2015 the Giu Giu Semi-precious collection launched on Zulily. Zulily is an incredible website that has national products and exposure. It allows the collection to reach a wider audience and new customers. Its so important to have a wide customer base and an appreciation for hand-made items. All pieces in the semi-precious collection has been made in the USA and is hand crafted. Each piece is a quality item. I think when you feel the hand-made love that goes into a product it puts that product on a whole different level.

I'm so grateful for the opportunity to share the product with the world. I'm proud to say that the collection is hand made in New York. I tried to produce some myself and was assisted by many other amazing New York Artisans. I believe that the products are made to be appreciated and cherished. The love that goes into the production should be felt by the customers who wear them. I really believe in my company and my products.

I'm so grateful for the opportunity to sell and to sell with such an amazing company. Today is not just beginning to sell on Zulily. Today is the beginning of a relationship of sales and partnership. We do great things to change the world. 

My eternal gratitude.


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