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About Us

Daniela Cheeseman is the founder of Giu Giu Boutique. Having grown up with family working in the fashion business, the career choice was an ideal fit for something that has always been in Daniela’s life. From an early age she learned about the creation of jewelry to the marketing and distribution of it. Daniela has a unique background of past work experience at Smith Barney’s Marketing department and a Masters Degree of Social work. After the completion of her degree she was offered the opportunity to help her mother build a new business. From her mother’s example she decided to form her own company. This led to the creation of Giu Giu in 2009.
Giu Giu Boutique is a company that provides handbags, accessories and retail jewelry for women. Giu Giu carries diamonds, pearls, semi-precious, gold and sterling silver jewelry.Giu Giu also carries handbags and accessories.

Giu Giu caters to creating personalized service for their clients and the best product at the best price. The company model is a belief that each woman is as unique as the jewelry that reflects her image. It provides retail sales as well as a wholesale product line for retail stores to distribute. The company also has a Breast Cancer awareness line that raises money for Breast Cancer Research. Raising money and awareness for women is a unique feature that sets Giu Giu apart from other fashion brands. Giu Giu tries to maintain beauty, elegance and supports the US economy with lines of jewelry made in the USA. Giu Giu believes in Macro change and the creation of beautiful products for beautiful women.